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Cover page
Executive summary of agency information (1-2 pages)
Here you will address the agency’s mission/purpose, define the population served, and identify the objective(s) the program is trying to achieve.
Observations of services provided (2-3 pages)
This should be a synthesis of our in-class discussion topics where you have addressed what you have observed within the service delivery. Bring the program objectives and services to life! What does the program look like in action? What worked really well? What kind of changes (if any) do you think should be implemented? Share anecdotal information here (using pseudonyms for clients to adhere to confidentiality requirements).
Connection to services and each developmental domain (2-3 pages)
For this section, students will identify how the agency is meeting the developmental needs of clients. This discussion will identify how services support each of the developmental domains (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional). If you don’t see a connection, don’t make something up – discuss how the program could better serve the clients in that particular domain. You can definitely draw from the domain assignments that have been completed throughout the semester.
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