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Coursework 1 – ICECOMPOSITES
Ice-composites can be made of adding fibres such as wood pulp (as in paper) to water and freeze it. Ice-composites were proposed during World War II to the British Royal Navy as a candidate material for making a huge, unsinkable aircraft carrier as the fibre reinforcement can turn brittle ice into materials with improved strength and toughness.
In this coursework you are asked to make and test ice-composites. You can make the ice composites in your home (or neighbours) freezer. Try to perform some systematic parameter variation such as changing the fibre type, fibre surfaces or surface treatments, fibre content, fibre length, fibre orientation or matrix (ice) properties etc. Whatever you can come up with. You are free to set up your own experiments and material parameters incl. different materials. Examples are cellulose from toilet paper, newspaper etc. but also synthetic fibres from textiles or hybrid combinations.
Composite behaviour should be tested against an unreinforced ice plate and tests can include a variety of mechanical and physical tests such as bending strength, toughness, impact strength, thermal conductivity etc. Try to quantify your composite parameters and properties as much as possible (so you can plot some graphs of property versus material parameter) but you should be doing all of this with simple home equipments such as weighing scales, rope, water buckets for loading, hammers, drop weights etc. or whatever you can get your hands on. The results should be presented in a report and your findings should be discussed and explained on the basis of composite theories.
The report should include:
1. Intro on ice-composites
2. Experimental section on your materials, processing and testing
3. Presenting your results and a discussion of these results
5. Conclusions
6. References
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