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Country Economic Analysis Report
Throughout the years, the United States of America has endured a very strong economy. Although there have been many obstacles of hindrance such as trade deficits, wars, hostile governments and embargo’s, the economic status of the United States still continues to prevail. Just to name a few, the economy of this country survives on simple commodities such as pork, oranges, precious metals and the productive efforts of its citizens. In this paper, I will not only introduce and discuss the logistics of both the United States and the United Kingdom; I will discuss its key economic obstacles and its economic well being.
Brief Introduction of United States of America v. United Kingdom
The United States of America is in North America; between Mexico and Canada. It is made up of fifty individual states and has a total population of 308,745,538 citizens. (Office National Statistics) There are three major branches of government. They consist of the Legislative branch, which not only make the laws but are controlled by the House of Representatives and the S…