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Counselors involved in ministry with families and couples should be able to choose and apply appropriate theoretical perspectives and counseling techniques while helping address a variety of issues related to parenting. This week’s readings and activities are designed to facilitate the development of such knowledge and skills, and include great insights into the complexities of family structures.
In 275 words, respond to the following:
. Using the theoretical perspectives or conceptual framework provided in the readings, discuss examples of how healthy or unhealthy moral development during childhood might manifest during adulthood. Be sure to use supporting events taken from sources such as the media, news, movies, or even documentaries.
. Also, discuss how you might use the knowledge developed from the readings on child development to inform your ministry, to parents who are struggling with parenting, a particular parenting style or role.
. Explain how you might help parents in counseling to understand benefits of the biblical perspective related to parenting.
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