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The Baylors
“ I just don’t understand why my family just can’t be normal.” This is the quote that Mallorie Baylor continuously plays in her head. Mallorie Baylor is a 16-year old African American female. She currently lives with both her parents in Perach Ridge subdivision, an upper middle class neighborhood, and is a sophomore attending Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Joseph Baylor, 58, her father, is a prominent 15-year car salesman. He has 10-12 hour workdays and is a functioning alcoholic. Alice Baylor, 49, her mother, is head RN of the C shift and has worked at the Bradford C. Humphries Medical Center for 12 years. The work schedules of the Baylors are very hectic and often leave Mallorie in the position of being home alone. The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Baylor is unhealthy. When the Baylors are at home, they often end up arguing over various matters, such as Mr. Baylor’s drinking or Mrs. Taylor’s working double shifts, and most times result in physical altercations. Mallorie is an average student and has two close friends, Caitlyn, 17, and her boyfrien…