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Coppin State University Hospital HIM Department has recently been approved to completely convert into a virtual department. Five years ago, the department was relocated next to the Patient Accounts Department in a newly remodeled wing of the hospital; however due to budget cuts, the need for more patient care space, and the vision of a new CEO the department will soon be used as part of a new expansion of the hospital as a sports medicine wing. As the HIM Director you are responsible for steering this large project smooth and successfully. The department currently employs 10 coders (7 FTE’s and 3 PTE’s), 1 Coding Manager, 3 file clerks (FTE’s), 3 assembly and analysis clerks (FTE’s), 2 Abstractors (PTE’s), 2 ROI clerks (FTE’s), 2 Birth Registry Analysts (PTE’s), 1 HIM Supervisor (FTE’s), 3 Transcriptionists (2 FTE’s & 1 PTE), 1 Risk Manager (FTE), and 1 Quality Improvement Coordinator (FTE).
As part of the outlined steps to transition, the CEO has asked for you to submit the following reports:
1. In 1-2 pages, identify the staffing needs for the transition. Is it feasible to remain with the same amount of employees, should you downsize, reassign staff members to new positions/job responsibilities, or should you outsource the department entirely too external vendors. Is it necessary to have any employees remaining onsite? If so, identify what employees and explain why.
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