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The most critical concerns regarding the regulatory strategies revolve around the fundamental freedoms of expression and the right to personal autonomy which includes interference with a user’s right to the Internet. There is also the generic fear of the Internet being covered by political censorship. The creation of regulatory bodies and their mechanisms slowly encroached upon several Member States in the EU (France, Italy, UK, etc.) and sporadically across the world (Middle East, Australia, China, etc) and inevitably led blocking of different types of content (also known as ‘mission creep’). This invoked a fear amongst members of society especially those concerned with safeguarding their fundamental rights, and this led to the creation of several anti-censorship organisations. Having researched these organisations, there are a number of important issues that have been proposed.
Firstly, there is the argument of overblocking and underblocking caused by blocking and filtering mechanisms.
The reason the blocking strategy is so controversial in its application is because, on the Int…