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In the title of the paper the priority references facts and challenges caused by countries. The recurrence of disasters Gunnar Kuepper relates with planet management.
Gunnar Kuepper devotes the first 10 sections to facts and challenges. In the last section, and in each section, the author forecasts the troubles in the future. Each of the sections references words to connect one with another. The sections include world population, economy, disaster costs, global health, climate change and global warming, environmental issues, water crises, education and employment, migration, science and technology, and outlook. Each section builds from the previous section. The sections part priority into messages of the magnitude, importance and direction of natural disasters, global warming, overpopulation, and industrialization.
Recurrent words are population and over population, economy, natural disaster, data and facts, costs, CO2 emissions, industry, and health. Many times the recurrent words are referred in different ways.
In regards to population, the word appears in many ways su…