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Company dies after 9/11 and reborn. How reborn after 9/11 with 80% gone. What Strategy? How did they rebuild?
Tom Barbash’s 2003 book On Top of the World: Cantor Fitzgerald, Howard Lutnick, and 9/11: A Story of Loss and  Renewal.
A. If your group is studying the changes that occur in organizations as they go into and recover from a crisis,  your paper must address the following topics. Use this outline to structure your paper.
I. Background and History of the organization
* Nature of products, industry
* Age of organization and history
* Financial data – budget, performance
* Number of employees
* Scope of organization- domestic/international
* Mission of organization
* Any other information you think is pertinent.
II. Description of problem & change effort. (Use concepts learned in the course).
a) Briefly describe the crisis and how it impacted the organization and its stakeholders.(When did the crisis  occur, how long did it last, what was the problem, what were the negative effects of the crisis (discuss those that  apply e.g., loss of life, negative reputation, legal liabilities, environmental damage, economic losses etc.)
b) What was the strategy of the organization? To what extent did the strategy contribute to the crisis?
c) What type of structure was the organization using (functional, self-contained, matrix, horizontal etc.)? To  what extent did the structure contribute to the crisis?
d) What was the culture of the organization (assumptions, values, norms, artifacts)? To what extent did the  culture contribute to the crisis?
e) What was the core technology of the organization (routine/nonroutine)? To what extent did the technology  contribute to the crisis?
f) What were the human resource systems (hiring, firing, rewards, training)? To what extent did problems in HR  contribute to the crisis?
g) Who was the change agent that managed the crisis (internal/external)?
(Who led the crisis management? CEO, Consultant, or both?)
h) What did the organization do to contain the crisis? (E.g., Recalls, bankruptcy, change top managers, fix an  oil spill, public relations, work with external stakeholders, anything else?)
i) How did the organization recover from the crisis? What changes were made to strategy, structure, culture, HR,  technology? Were these changes appropriate? Show knowledge of course concepts as you discuss this.
j) Any other changes that were made to respond to the diagnosed problem?