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In today’s world, college athletes may not play a sport for “the love of the game” instead; they may play with the hopes of making it as a professional athlete. While “the love of the game” feeling may have gotten an athlete to a Division I school to play and the chance to display their talent; at the Division I level, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) see sports strictly as a business. Over the past few months, college athletes have started to come forward claiming that they feel they should be rewarded for being one of the main sources of profit for their university. Many people believe that college athletes should not be paid due to the fact they are receiving a free education; however, college athletes may have expenses that their scholarships or grants may not cover, and being paid for what they are good at may help them cover the differences.
One reason college athletes should be able to receive compensation for their talent is it would significantly decrease media scandals that are brought to the public’s attention. Time after time, the NCAA has had difficu…