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Ulysses’s Gaze Theme variation 5
Composer Eleni Karaindrou
-Background of composer
-Background of this music piece
-How does this music relate to a contemporary ballet dance-
Intrinsic relationship
Circle where piece falls in the following
1. Rhythmic: Steady pulse|—|—| subtle-|—|—| fluctuating|—|—| no pulse
How might this influence choreography ________
Possible Meter|—|—| steady|—|—|Mostly steady|—|—| changes|—|—| mixed
How is this counted 2,4,6,8 (duple) 3 or 6 (triple) 5, 7 other or mixed
2. Dynamics- Steady |—|—| —|—|—| Fluctuating (circle where this piece falls)
3. Textural- This (sparse) |—|—| —|Many Changes|—|—| —|Full (dense)
Homophobic – Melody – Accompaniment – Polyphonic -Monophonic
4. Form: Clear —Unclear
Mostly repetitive—-Contrasting
Sectional( if yes indicate durations or in letters ABA ect) ______
5. Genre/Subgere and or style (example classical, romantic, rock, metal) _____
6. Qualitative: Smooth ————lots of contrast———-Sharp
Consonannt _______________________Disconsonant
7. Instrumentation/Musical Performance medium: _________
(Some examples Solo piano, solo guitar, string quartet, rock band, orchestra)
Is this electronic _____________
8. Melodic: Conjunct |—|—| Disjunct |—| Not applicable
9. Use of ornamentation? _______
Os there a recognizable melofy or theme?
9. Mimetic: (degree sonic elements might be mimed in choreographus approach?
Music 0% |—|—| —|—|—| 100%
EXTRINSIC (Answer or indicate the degree to which, after repeated listening to and investigation of your music, you are aware any or all the following external aspects that may influence your choreographic approach.
1. Archetypal/Ionic: Unfamiliar (abstract) |—|—| —|—|—| Familiar (loaded
Associations ________________________________________________
2. Emotional/Psychological: Strong |—|—| —|—|—| Weak (Neutral
Moods atmosphere (I think this is emotional, soft, soothing mood but sorta mysterious
3. Narrative: (If there is atext, story or image the degree to which your choreography may attempt to reflect it)
Follows closely |—|—| —|—|—|No relationship
What is the most important things about this music or piece and how is it stylsitc ear reflected in this piece what is this music about?
Contrary : does this aspect apply to this music piece-