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We all know Canada as a caring and generous nation. It is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and has a very high standard of living (the fourth highest in the world). Unfortunately, there is a side of Canada that is hidden from the majority of the world, and it is scar for those who know about it.
In the fall of 1989, the House of Commons passed a resolution stating that “This House seeks to achieve the goal of eliminating poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000.” It is now 2009, more than two decades after the plan was proposed, and almost a decade after the 2000 deadline. However, this problem has only been getting worse. According to the 2008 National Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada, one out of every eight children in the country are living in poverty. Child Poverty is in the double digits in all provinces except Alberta, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. In 2007, 345 000 kids in Ontario alone were living in poverty. Canada has a child poverty rate of 15 percent, this is triple the amount of other first-world countries such as Norway, Finland a…