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The extent to which broadcast media should be censored for offensive language and behavior is a complex issue. Standard for the censorship may be quite different across countries in the world. In my point of view, the degree of the censorship should depend on different groups of audience.
It is undoubtedly that the children-oriented programs should be strictly censored. The main reason is that children lack the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Empirical evidence has shown that unfavorable language and behavior in programs impose negative effect on children’s growth. Kids are very likely to imitate what they have seen in broadcast programs. Gradually they may take indecent actions for granted and even as a way to solve problems. Recent research has pointed out that children who are exposed to offensive language and behavior frequently tend to be more aggressive than those who are not.
On the other hand, censorship on adult programs that broadcasted mainly at night could be less or even none. Adult are able to distinguish good from evil and control their behavior…