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Evaluating Decision Alternatives and Assessing Risk In the fourth quarter of 2008, executives at Bank of America made a decision not to release information to shareholders about losses in connection with Merrill Lynch. This decision resulted in accusations of violation of securities laws and eventual Congressional Hearings.
Read the following account of the events leading up to that decision and prepare a 3-4 page paper that addresses the following:
Analyze the executive’s behavior in terms of one or more of the decision biases discussed in the background materials for this module.
How could conducting an assessment of consequences, risk, and feasibility have affected their decision? Or would it have made no difference at all? Defend your answer.
Cohen, W.D. (2009) Funky math helped BofA close Merrill deal. Fortune Magazine. https://money.cnn.com/2009/11/23/news/companies/bofa_merrill.fortune/index.htm
Case Expectations
To receive the best grade on this assignment, be sure to follow the following expectations:
Demonstrate that you have read, understood and can apply the background materials by incorporating them into your essay.
Properly cite all referenced sources in the text of the paper with internal citations or footnotes.
Provide a complete reference list. (Not included in page limit.)
Make sure your essay is well organized, with a clear introduction and conclusion.
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