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Carbonated Soft Drinks – How Do They Work?
Carbonated soft drinks have a huge history since their foremost inception. They are sweetened carbonated water, i.e. sugar laced aqueous solution of Carbon dioxide; and conventionally they are served, as well as enjoyed, chilled. The term ‘soft’ is basically an obligatory benchmark for carbonated drink makers that sets the limits of solute in the solution to less than or equal to 0.5% by volume. The earliest instances of soft drinks were sherbets made in ancient Arabic high societies. Way back in 1676, the commercial licensing of soft drinks began, when The Lemonade Company of Paris obtained monopoly of lemonade sale.
But it was in the late 18th century, that the sale of carbonated soft drinks emerged, when scientists successfully emulated the naturally carbonated mineral water in artificial environments. Till then, the mineral water springs found in areas around the active volcanoes were the only source. The first person to make this breakthrough was Joseph Priestley of England. He set the stage for others to follow up upon his work…