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Effective coaching and team building skills are important in many contexts. Whether discussing a high school soccer team or a team of business executives, many of the same strategies and skills are needed to allow teams to succeed to their highest potential. In this paper I will discuss these strategies and skills and explain their importance. I have interviewed a former high school soccer player about her interpretations of effective coaching and team building skills, and will compare the information gathered during the interview with issues discussed in the Robbins and Hunsaker text.
Jennifer Watson was a member of the Central Jersey Group Two High School Championship soccer team. She was able to provide valuable insight into the development of an effective team. Many of her views expressed to me in her interview paralleled concepts in the Robbins and Hunsaker text.
Jennifer felt she had an effective coach for many reasons, the first of which was her coach’s constant support. “An effective coach is definitely a person of authority, but is also someone who cares about, and is there for the individual players,” she said. Similarly, in the business world, an effective coach is defined as someone who aspires to see the individual succeed. The coach observes the performance of individuals on the team through questioning, showing interest, listening to, and understanding their point of view. The coach can then guide the individual toward the improvement …