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Order Description
The assessment for the Business Research Methods module is an individual piece of research assessed by a Research Project.
The research project this year will be a case study of Faitrade at Bradford College and will include secondary and primary research on the topic of Fairtrade. In the process of completing your Research Project you should :
• Produce a statement of aims and objectives and research questions
• Conduct a literature search for books, articles, reports on Fairtrade
• Write a literature review on Fairtrade
• Examine quantitative and qualitative approaches to gathering primary research data
• Conduct primary research among college students on Fairtrade (writer can fabricate this if required)
• Analyse data from primary research
• Write up your research project
• Evaluate the research experience.
The structure of the report should be:
? Title (approx. 250 words)
? Literature review (1000 words)
? Methodology (750 words)
? Findings, analysis and discussion (1000 words)
? Conclusions and recommendations (300 words)
? Evaluation and reflections (200 words)
A full bibliography using Harvard System of referencing