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Business Proposal
In today’s busy world where time is precious to everybody; getting readymade food at the door steps is everyone’s wish. That’s the precise reason anyone from small restaurant to the biggest have home food delivery service. Everyone have their own choice in foods and eat different stuff at different time. Even In same family someone may want pizza for dinner, someone want subway sandwich, and someone may want Mexican food. In such situation when everyone in family want different stuff to eat at same time; you may end up spending lots of time going through different food menus, calling different restaurants, putting up separate orders and wait to get all orders delivered so that entire family can eat together. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a single place where you can order all your food from favorite restaurants? Yes it would be. I’m planning to propose this business idea where top/famous restaurant would be registered. Customers would able to view all restaurants food menu and put a single order of their interests and get delivered at the same time. Customers would have option of ordering over phone or online. This is my EZ delivery Line.
Business Planning Objectives
I’m always fascinated towards restaurant business. I feel this is the most popular business in the world as food is one of the basic necessities of human life. Opening a restaurant is not a piece of cake for anybody. There are so many challenges you would need to overcome especially when you are new to the whole business planning world. The business (EZ delivery Line) I’m proposing would have different challenges than opening a restaurant. I’m jotting down business planning objectives to make this happen.
Research/study the area (town/City) where I would like to launch this business.
Create information data about popular restaurants in the area.
Propose/market EZ delivery line idea to each restaurant. Make them convenience to register by offering attractive business proposition.
Advertise EZ delivery line including launch details in local news papers, television channels to get common consumers attention about this new home delivery service.
Distribute pamphlets on EZ delivery Line door to door in entire town/city.
Set up the office space and recruit staffs for various job responsibilities.
Set up Hot line (Phone), and web site portal. Advertise Web site details on other websites/restaurants sites.
Set up communication channel between EZ delivery line and various restaurants to streamline the home delivery service.
EZ delivery Line may not the great business proposal but with due measures taken and all business planning achieved properly; this could be the successful business.