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Business Planning and Structures
The main structures that shall be examined in the context of this
venture are: partnerships, joint ventures, companies, trusts and sole
partnerships. For the purposes of the investments under consideration,
there could be a number of structures that might be applicable for
each but not all will be necessarily as efficient. The most probable
structure that might be utilised to facilitate each investment is as
follows – implement the retail business as a sole trader, farm as a
partnership or joint venture, joint venture or company for the
speculative mining venture and set up a trust or company for the long
term investment portfolio. The rationale will be elucidated below.
A Retail Business
The retail business is usually associated with being a sole trader
owing largely to the fact that there are few legal formalities,
negligible costs and relatively simplified direction taxation
associated with its establishment. Further, any profits made will be
used entirely at the sole trader’s discretion, so theoretically
speaking, the fath…
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