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Approved Issue: ‘Managing risks in external supply chain by food retailers operating in Australia’
Dear writer,
Please search the articles on the approved topic from the business law point of view ONLY and do not fall into the operations management area where we focus on inventory management and capacity management. Only focus on external supply chain not internal supply chain operating within Australia so that Australian laws can be applied.
Before writing please make the structure of what areas you are going to focus on and email the structure to me so that I can approve your structure from my teacher.
Legal Analysis and Risk Management Action Plan Information
Task: Legal Analysis and Risk Management Action Plan
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course you should be able to:
1 Have a basic understanding of busines law and the Australian legal framework governing business and government.
2 Understand and appreciate the role of law in organisational risk management.
3 Understand and appreciate the role of law in enabling an organisation to achieve its strategic goals through best practices that are socially responsibile, sustainable, and ethical.
4 Have enhanced their understanding of, and ability to use, critical thinking skills applicable to management and legal contexts.
Task Description: Students submit a 3000-4000 word (individual) legal analysis and risk management action plan to be handed in at class in Week 11, on any relevant topic approved via email by the Lecturer. Students must have their proposed research topics approved via email by the lecturer by no later than 5 p.m. on the Friday of Week 4 of the semester.
The final research paper must be submitted by email, and a hard copy handed to the lecturer in the normal seminar room, by the commencement of the lecture on Topic 11 of the semester. Unfortunately there can be no extensions to this due date.
All assignments will then be available for collection by students in Week 13 of the semester. Please ensure that you use the official University Assignment Cover Sheet located in the library, and ensure that this Cover Sheet sets out the full title of your paper. You must also append a copy of the Assignment Marking Rubric (to be made available on the course website) to the hard copy of your assignment when you submit it; ensure that your assignment conforms to academic standards of referencing; and, of course, ensure that it is consistent with the University’s policies on plagiarism. Remember that all topics must be approved via email by the Lecturer.
A marking guide or rubric will be provided on the course website under "Assessment" in due course.
Submission Format:
You should type your submission in a Word document. Your submission should be in 12 point font and double-spaced, with 25mm margins on all sides.
In general, marking criteria will include:
1. Identification of relevant issues.
2. Ability to summarise relevant law.
3. Application of law and Analysis of problem.
4. Ability to reach defensible, well-reasoned conclusions.
5. Quality of written expression and persuasiveness
6. Appropriate referencing, and correct grammar and syntax.
1. All assignments submitted for grading must be word processed. Students must be able to produce an electronic copy of all work submitted, and be able to resubmit if requested by the Convenor. Students are expected to retain copies of all assessment items submitted until a final grade for the course has been awarded. Creating a backup of all your computer files is a must.
2. Assignments received by fax, or any other form other than hard copy plus email will NOT be acceptedunless specifically advised by the course convenor . Refer to "Unit" Section on Late Submission Assignments.
3. Citation and referencing format should conform to the GBS guidelines both in the body of your paper and its attached reference section. Please check with your convenor to confirm the required style (ie. APA (American Psychological Association) or Harvard) and refer to the GBS Resource Bank for correct referencing format.