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On Sep 11, 2001, al Qaeda threatened the United States (U.S.) national security, and we are still combating terrorism. Since that time, al Qaeda and other extremist groups have also been endangering some of the U.S. allies. Realizing the magnitude of this international fight, the U.S. needs help from its partners to counter violence worldwide.
National Strategic Guidance
The National Security Strategy (NSS), the National Defense Strategy (NDS), and the National Military Strategy (NMS) directives define the U.S. objectives. In the NSS, the Executive Branch underscored that departments provide assistance and obtain cooperation with the U.S foreign allies. Accordingly, the Secretary of Defense NDS directed the Department of Defense to “strengthen and broaden alliances and partnerships” through training and education opportunities. Ultimately the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff NMS instructed the Military Services to comply with the NSS guidelines.
Air Force Guidance
Throughout 2009 the AF established guidance, and supported missions across the
spectrum of…