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Domestic Violence is defined by the Home Office as, ‘any violence
between current and former partners in an intimate relationship,
wherever and whenever the violence occurs. The violence may include
physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse’ (Home Office 2003, p.
6). The Safety and Justice consultation paper also highlights that,
‘domestic violence occurs across society, regardless of age, gender,
race, sexuality, wealth and geography. However, it is predominantly
women who suffer as a result of it’ (Home Office 2003, p. 6). Dallos
(1993, p. 11) also points out that what constitutes as violence to one
person is not to another. For example in the use of, ‘threats,
damaging property, energetic sexual behaviour or play fighting’, it is
often down to the couple to agree on what level of behaviour is
acceptable (Dallos and Foreman 1993, p. 11). The solutions and
policies on Domestic Violence stem from what is determined as the
‘cause’ or definition of the violence and this is investigated through
a variety of disco…
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