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Advertising: A Nutritional Disaster
Sauntering through the mall, viewing a magazine, surfing the net, or watching television, people are inundated with thousands of images—images that influence their thought. What inspires a woman to buy lingerie, a man to buy cologne, or a teenage girl to buy a school wardrobe? Is it the actual product that is advertised or are people subjective to the subconscious thought that maybe they would look like the model? As seen on television and movies, the newest fad is to look “skinny.” Attaining the correct weight is now associated with success and “hitting the gym” has now become a part of daily vocabulary. Who is to blame for this increase in body image awareness? Why are people suddenly so obsessed with obtaining the correct weight?
According to studies into diet, weight loss, and body shape, many individuals feel dissatisfied with their body shape. Who is to blame: none other than the advertising industry. Walking through the mall, there is a multitude of advertisements for different stores ranging from clothing stores to department s…