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Book review:
“Bad Neighbor Policy: Washington’s futile war on drugs in Latin America”
Edited by Ted Galen Carpenter
Introduction                                                       3
I Modest results after thirty years of war                              4
The war on drugs consequences on the drugs crops cultivation               4
The war on drugs consequences on the Latin American opinion               5
II The American strategy on the drug war: definitively a bad strategy?     8
The United States’ strategy on the war on drugs                         8
The causes of the American’s strategy failure               &nbs…
… middle of paper …
…United States in Latin America. A failure which is illustrated by the constant production of drugs in Latin America, the accentuation of scourges as poverty and corruption…
We can say that the United States’ strategy follows Say’s theory: the demand is conducted by the supply. However, as we have discussed about. This theory can not be applied on drugs market, as we have to take into consideration the dependence of drugs products.
     “Bad neighbor policy: Washington’s futile war on drugs in Latin America”, Ted Galen Carpenter,2003.
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