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****At this point you have studied the three approaches to moral theory. Which do you find most convincing and why? CHOOSE ARISTOTLE’S WAY TO MORAL THEORY.***
Mill, John. Utilitarianism, 2nd edition. Hackett Publishing, 2002. ISBN: 978-0-87220-605-2
Kant, Immanuel. Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, translated by H.J. Patton, Harpercollins College Division, 2009 ISBN: 978-0-06-176631-2
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, translated by Terence Irwin. Hackett Publishing, 1999
ISBN: 978-0-87220-464-5
5. Look at all things I expect for an A answer (see the rubric below) and include them all in your post. Write 2 full paragraphs.
You must answer your assigned question and post it to the Discussion board each week by midnight Sunday. I recommend you spend some serious time composing, editing and spell checking your post.
Response is correct, exhibits careful reading of the text and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the topic. Response gives context for the answer by relating the question to the entire section. Response includes a quote from the text, an example to illustrate the point being made (when appropriate), and the student’s own justified opinion about the ideas being expressed in the topic. The text is cited as a source at the end of the essay. Post is written using clear expression and excellent grammar. Length is 2 full paragraphs (about 200 words).
1. If you use anyone else’s words, whether they are Mill, Kant or Aristotle’s, words from a webpage, another student, mine, anyone’s other than your own, you must put these words in quotes, give a page number (where applicable) and give a citation. To do otherwise is plagiarism and will result on a grade of 0 and may result in an F in the course. Be sure to carefully read the Plagiarism Tutorial located in the Week 1 content area and complete the Plagiarism Tutorial Quiz which can be accessed in the Quizzes area.
2. You should minimize quoting in your answers. While I would like to see one short helpful quote from the text in your post, I also want to see things explained in your own words. Quoting large amounts of material from the web or the text will earn you no more than 2 points. We all have access to the web and the text. Your job is to explain the material in your own words and demonstrate your understanding of it. Any time you quote you should follow that quote with a clear, in-depth explanation of what those words are saying. Always give a citation of the text at the end of your essay to avoid plagiarism.
3. You may use the writing style of your choosing when citing sources. Just be sure to state the author, title and provide a link to he source if it is from the internet.
4. You should use no sources other than the textbook, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy for your posts. The primary goal with these reading guide assignments is for you to learn to read technical and sophisticated philosophical arguments. Reading someone else’s summary of what the article is saying undermines that learning process, so posts that rely heavily on sources other than those allowed will be downgraded.
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