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Assumption of Theological Theories tied to Religious Studies
Theology in its own right deserves a place amongst the scholastic attempts to put forth answers to the questions Hinnells deems as “meaning, truth, beauty and practice” (108), yet Rodrigues deciphers as “studying, reflecting on, systematizing, disseminating, defending and promoting one’s religion from within that tradition.” (35) Either way, it is assumed that theology is but a tool used to help the religious scholar interpret the difference between religion, religious studies and being religious. Theology, in and of itself continues to fight for space between all the other methodologies used to answer the questions of life’s most pervious questions found that cannot be touched within the study of religion. The many assumptions of theological analysis stem from application of terminology, misunderstanding of concept, and individual interpretation.
Hinnells offers eight different branches of theology: systematic, historical; biblical; moral; philosophical; practical; mystical; and as a confessional discipline. (96-97) Ev…