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Before the foundations of the world, was I predestined to give my life to God? Or was I in complete control of my decisions, my fate, which lead me to choose God? Queries such as these are the very type asked throughout history by not only by the founding fathers of the Christian faith but also by current theologians. The battle of the will has drawn stark white lines between denominations and close friends. Nevertheless, few choose to accurately examine what they are debating in depth and tend to have shallow understanding of the issue. Steeped not only in theology, this dispute is also based in history and has applications to daily life. In the end it is up to each man and woman to make their own educated choice upon which side they take. What is imperative is that Christians do not fight each other but come together to worship one God and fight one enemy.
Theology of free will and predestination is neither basic nor complex. Asking whether we have a will, seems as though it would be simple to answer. However, it is in the answer that the intricacies begin to stem. Before answers …