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Paper instructions:
1) In a post of at least 125 words, describe the character and point of view of the unnamed boy who narrates the story in “Araby.”  Discuss how the narrator’s description of his setting and
situation illustrate the story’s theme of a young man coming of age and/or experiencing a loss of innocence while also capturing a distinct setting in place and time.
2) For this activity, you will need to read John Updike’s “A&P” with great care and compare it with James Joyce’s “Araby.”  In preparation for the discussion, think about how Sammy in Updike’s
story resembles or differs from the unnamed boy in Joyce’s “Araby” and read Howard Wells’ article comparing the two stories.
In a minimum of 150 words, briefly describe one character from “A&P,” discussing whether or not the character is “rounded” or “flat.”
Compare or contrast your selected “A&P” character with a character from Joyce’s “Araby,” also noting whether the “Araby” character is “round” or “flat.”  What makes them complex
characters or flat?
Discuss one attribute for each character from each story and discuss how the character’s behavior illustrates that character’s attribute.
What is your personal reaction to the character? Can you identify with the character on some level? How?
Finally, how does each character reflect his or her time and place and/or represent a theme of his or her story?