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Answer the following questions:
1.Describe project, program, and project portfolio. Provide some examples of each.
2. Describe balanced scorecards. Why is it important to have this type of criteria in place? What is the theory of “do no harm”? Why is it important to have this type of criteria in place?
How can triple constraints influence a project? How can one constraint affect the others during a project?
4. Identify and explain the five phases of project management.
After answering the above questions review any acticle that has to do with business that relates to project management. Here are a couple of question you should answer.
1. What is the issue/topic the article is addressing?
2. How is potentially affected by the issue /topic?
3. In your opinion was the article well written? Why or why not?
Booked used for this course: Brown K.A.& Hyer. N.L.(2010). Managing Projects: A team based approach. New Yorker, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
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