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Several pertinent factors favor enacting a law that would force an individual with a severe eating disorder to receive help. No matter what their age, whether eighteen, twenty-four, or thirty-six, people can still reach the point where they are so sick that the disease has taken over their ability to think logically.
My heart is slowly breaking and searching for the answers as my sister seems to get sicker and sicker. I am helpless, yet I have a truth within me, the knowledge that a higher power has a plan etched in stone for each one of us. I believe my Heavenly Father has a beautiful plan, not only for my life, but also one for my sister. Right now she is merely a piece of broken glass that lacks the strength to reflect His light, so I must reflect it for both of us. She is trapped inside a life-threatening cocoon, but one day she will be set free.
The friend whom I will always hold closest to my heart is my sister Natasha. She came into this world only nineteen months before me to pave the path so my way would be less difficult. Now it is my turn to tread the path for he…
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