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Analytical Report-communications
Project instructions:
Answer the following in report:
How much have minor league sports-baseball, hockey, arena football-grown in small and medium-market cities? What is the local economic impact when these municipalities build stadiums and arenas?
1. You will be writing an analytical report, presenting facts found through secondary research (internet sources, business publication, etc.) You will need to refer to pages 252-258 for the specific directions on information gathering as well as directions on how to use information to support your points. Remember, this is not an opinion essay. It is an analytical report in which you analyze: read, review, consider the importance of the information, and then use information to make a point. Pay special attention to how you document sources. You should use MLA in-text citation method to cite sources within the scope of your paper as you use them as well as providing a Works Cited page at the end of your report. Follow this Link to find specific directions on citation if you need a review. Reports without sources cited will lose overall points.
2. Go to page 262-263, to identify the type of analytical report you’ll be writing and which focus will work best for this type of report. Creating an outline – see page 263, Figure 10.7 is a good way to begin. Once you have your structure down, it’s time to begin writing.
If you are unsure which way to proceed with the type/focus, contact me and we’ll discuss it. Note: Leave plenty of time BEFORE the due date to work out issues. Contacting me at the deadline precludes my help as time has run out. There are no redos or extensions on this project.
3. Your report should follow the sample shown in Figure 10.8, on page 264. Address your report to your boss, from you. Create your report, save it in a Word document – only . Your report should be 3-4 pages in length (single-spaced as with all business writing), showing effective use of sub-heads to title sections, with a Works Cited page at the end of the written report. Use the link above to see the MLA format for the Works Cited page.
Report format is just as important in grading as your argument and the information you use to support your argument.
4. Be sure to include the following:
a. at least one 3-4 item bulleted list
b. at least one original visual illustration of data – This can be a graph, pie chart, bar graph.
c. Write your report in third person. Do not use I or You….Write about your topic not yourself or your reader. Link out to a page that explains third person if you need a refresher.Be efficient in use of words and avoid wordiness. Use transitional sentences to link ideas together. You can place your transitional sentence at the end of the preceding paragraph or the start of the following paragraph. Your report is one document and each section should connect to the section that precedes it and the one that follows it.