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Analysis the film “The Vampire Lovers” (Roy Ward Baker, UK 1970)
This essay requires that you select any one film from the vampire (sub-) genre with the exceptions of Nosferatu and Dracula (1931) which were the topics of the previous essay assignment. And the film that I have chosen is "The Vampire Lovers" (Roy Ward Baker, UK, 1970)
This essay must include reference to the following:
1.) Historical Context – What period in the evolution of the vampire film was "The Vampire Lovers" produced in?
2.) Setting – Does "The Vampire Lovers" have a contemporary or period settings? How does the choice of setting impact upon the representation of the vampire and its world?
3.) Oppositions – The vampire film is structured around a series of oppositions, good/evil, dark/light, and science/superstition. What forms do these opposition take in "The Vampire Lovers"?
4.) Order/Chaos – The vampire ALWAYS presents a threat to the stability of a given community. How would you describe this particular threat in "The Vampire Lovers"? For example, is the threat expressly sexualised, one that might undermine the existing (patriarchal) order?
-Are the vampires in "The Vampire Lovers" ‘evil’? in the sense of displaying no remorse for their actions, or do they demonstrate a degree of regret?
-Do they seem to embrace their vampirism or see it more of a curse?
5.) Conventions – How can "The Vampire Lovers" be situated in relation to the developing conventions and iconography of the (sub-) genre? Does it conform to or in some ways depart from these conventions? Think about the appearance and behaviour of the vampire, does it need to return to its coffin, is sunlight fatal to it, does it cast a reflection? Is it capable of spreading its infection, and if so is vampirism in :The Vampire Lovers" constructed more like a disease or a sexual drug, which its victims desire on same level? Are the vampires in "The Vampire Lovers" susceptible to the traditional methods of stakes, crosses, etc?
As in the previous essay about Nosferatu and Dracula, you may refer to course readings the you referenced to support your discussion.
**Please remember to include a Bibliography and Filmography and be consistent in your referencing formatting.
***Please reference to film specific vocabulary:
1.) type of shots
2.) camera movements
3.) editing
4.) mise-en-scene
Just a reminder that all film and book titles should be written in italics and the first time you mention a film title you should accompany it with the director’s name and the year of production.
3 sources from additional files will be used for the reference list, and 2 will be from outside source (but books only).
The introduction and conclusion should be clear and without any references. The conclusion should begin with "In conclusion" or "To conclude"
Please include the footnote references in every pages