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The question topic Describe and analyse how beliefs influence actions and how actions influence beliefs based on Islamic theology firstly one must begin to understand or define the meaning of belief which is ‘A light god creates in the heart of a person’ also ‘something believed; an opinion or conviction’
A believer should believe in Allah (swt) his Angels, his books, his messengers also in the last day and Alqdar (The Devine Creed).
Actions and influence through belief on Islamic Theology is seen to believe in Allah is the message that all prophets brought to humanity and shay-tan (satan) has made it easy for mankind to avoid this important step to believe in a creator.
To believe that there is a divine body intangible that compose the good and bad of a person this is that an angelic presence not witnessed by the naked eye is in fact writing what we see not.
His book the Quran “is the starting point of Islamic theology and indeed in all things Islamic.”
The believer must engage and understand what was to be taught by the final messenger Mohammad (saw) and the grea…