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It has been said that the differences within humanity is what makes it great. That people are unique and not seemingly clones of one another gives a variety and splendor to a multiracial culture. Unfortunately, this diversity has led to hate and violence. Man tends to be afraid of that which he does not know, and he fears those that he does not understand. Because of this racism, minorities have not been as privileged as those who have the majority of support. Different legislation has come into existence during the last few decades in order to balance this problem. One such solution is affirmative action. Affirmative action is the practice of setting quotas and limitations on companies regarding the ethnicity of their employees so that there is a perceived fairness for all people groups. It has been said to result in both “opportunity” and “frustration” (Monroe, 1991). Affirmative action has had varying effects over its history, and the lessons learned from its successes and failures can be applied to the current society and culture in order to work towards a more peaceful world.

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