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It should be a marketing case study about “Amazon” and I will talk about thier product “Paperwhite Kindle”
this is the product page >> http://goo.gl/bRHaej
The papers should contain the following:
1. Provide the name of the organization, its location, and its contact information (include names of key people, website, phone number, and any other contact you might use).
2. Write a paragraph describing the organization. Begin with what business they are in (i.e. what is the core product). You could also include a bit of history and/or culture, as well as the organization’s demographics, such as how large they are, whether they are growing, etc.
3. If the organization has a mission, include it here in quotes and reference where you got it. If not, then write what you think it should be (no quotes).
4. Describe the target customers: who are they, what do they value, and what benefits does the organization provide to them? Also, what costs do the customers incur by doing business with your organization? (Some costs may be non-financial; think about time and effort, for instance.)
5. Identify the closest competitors who are going after the same target market. What is your organization’s competitive advantage over these close competitors? Also, identify other competitors that are not in as close proximity.
6. Consider the environmental factors affecting your organization (see the list in chapter 1; slide 12 “Attached”). Write a short paragraph justifying your choice of two factors having the greatest impact on marketing in your organization.ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!