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Although a work of fiction, Mao Dun’s “Spring Silk Worms” provides readers with an incredibly believable account of rural life and attitudes in 1930s China as well as the impact of the global economy on Chinese farmers. In this work, the author describes the decline of a family involved in silk production (sericulture) and how they understood this economy. Considering this, write a two to three page essay describing how Lao Tung Pao (Tongbao) and his family understood the impact of globalization on their lives, how they tried to cope with the vagueries of the market economy, and lastly what was really going on in the economy that they did not understand or foresee that eventually led to their bankruptcy? Be sure to make clear distinctions between what Tung Pao and his family subjectively believed to be the cause of their distress and the actual reality that they did not understand (which can overlap in some places), and pay attention to things like the perception of women and superstition when dealing with coping mechanisms. This should be an essay that discusses the intersection of the economy and cultural interpretations. Also be sure to have clear argument established in a thesis statement (and don’t repeat the prompt as a thesis statement) with clearly organized arguments. You do not need any other sources for this essay other than Mao Dun’s “Spring Silk Worms.”
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