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Allied occupiers and everyday Europeans viewed 1945 and the months immediately following it as a “Year Zero.” Primo Levi’s The Reawakening tells of an Auschwitz survivor’s long journey home during this time to his native Italy, a chaotic voyage traversing Poland, the Soviet Union, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Germany. Based on your close reading of his memoir, how do you feel Levi’s understanding of the 1945-47 period corresponds to (and/or challenges) “Year Zero”?
Your essay should be 4-6 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins all around.
Min 1,500 words, max 2,800 words (not including footnotes or endnotes).
Memoir: Primo Levi, The Reawakening
Textbook: Tom Buchanan, Europe’s Troubled Peace: 1945-2000
Stick to short quotes from the book (avoid lengthy ones!) and make sure to cite page numbers in either footnotes or endnotes.
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 ,Primo Levi’s The Reawakening