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Premises to prove that Affirmative Action is Wrong:
1. It is wrong to hire anyone other than the person who will do the best job.
2. Whenever one takes race or sex into account in hiring, one will hire someone
other than the person who will do the best job.
3. Therefore, it is wrong to take race or sex into account in hiring.
4. Affirmative Action programs require employers to take race and sex into
account in hiring.
5. Therefore, affirmative action programs require employers to do something
The above argument for Affirmative Action being morally impermissible is a valid argument. Each of the premises follows the previous one correctly and the conclusions that the argument makes are deducible from the premises stated before them.
The premises may follow each other and the conclusions may be deducible by them, but that does not mean that the premises themselves are correct. For instance, premise 1 is not valid, or we can at least provide an argument to prove it invalid. Premise 1 states that it is wrong to higher anyone other than the person who will do the best job. However, in many cases, there will be more than one person who can perform the tasks of the job just as well as the other applicants. In most cases there is a “tie” between people that have the same ability to do a job. Say Joe, Ted, Mary and Muhammad all applied for the same job along wit…
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…y, a business may do better by hiring all beautiful females because they have a high heterosexual male clientele, and a town’s economical stature may rise because this business does well. Socially, on the other hand, discrimination could hurt the public by suppressing certain races or sexes.
With all of these objections and counter objections in mind, I still believe that the revised argument stated above reflects a good argument about the permissibility of Affirmative Action. It is possible to believe that the program is permissible under certain circumstances, and the circumstances that I believe Affirmative Action is permissible under were made clear through my arguments.