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Affirmative action is a way of giving jobs and educational chances to those who many feel would be discriminated against. This was founded in the early 1970’s as a way to keep discrimination from continuing in theses such institutions. People of all walks of life have many different views of what affirmative action really is about. My view of this situation is a mixed one.
When affirmative action began it was set fort to make sure that well deserving people could receive opportunities for education and employment based on their qualifications and merit not if the were considered to be a minority. There have been many revisions to affirmative action and some people really don’t understand what it is all about. I would be one of these people. Although I know the basics I was not able to get the full understanding of it all, I believe that it still needs to be revised further. In today’s society People aren’t as discriminated against for being a minority as they once were. Back when affirmative action was brought about desegregation was relatively new and the people of the U.S. as well as the government felt it was needed to further help with desegregation. This was really set to make those that were against desegregation conform to America being the land of the people. Not just the land of the rich white people.since they are considered a minority. Some people in this country disagree with this concept. They believe that American children are suffering because of it in the educational aspect. Schools in many parts of the country must have a certain percentage of minority students. To me this is a double edge sword. It is my belief that minority students should be given just asmuch of a chance to achieve success educationally, I do not believe that college admissions should be solely granted minority status. I believe that this should be based on educational merit in stead. A hard working student is a hard working student no matter what age, sex, or race they are.
Another way that I think that affirmative action should be revised is that many companies allow a percentage of jobs to be held by minorities. But the jobs that are available for minorities are usually low end jobs. This I believe is really unfair. The companies that use this practice are usually the ones to be the first to pat their own backs for fulfilling their “Quota” of minorities. Almost as if they are proud of finding a loop hole in affirmative action to make themselves look good.
Women in the work place is another sore subject as far a affirmative action is concerned. Since women are not technically a minority anymore they still continue to be treated like one. Many women hold high positions, are highly educated, and qualified but still do not receive the compensation that a man would. They are often times passed up for promotions for less qualified men. This is due to the fact that women are still viewed as inferior to men in the corporate world. Some men believe that women should not work outside the home or lack the killer instinct that it takes to do a good job. We now live in a two income society but some men still feel that they should be the bread winners for their families.
To conclude affirmative action has had it `s place in our world today. With some revisions it could still be a useful tool for our society to work with. The people of the U.S. need to realize that can help us to all coexist well together as one nation of people and not against each other.