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Imagine rushing home from school every day just so you can be the first one in the house to look at the mail. For three months you have been waiting for a really big envelope containing the answer that will change your life forever. Now, imagine standing there holding an envelope in your hand – but it’s not a big one, it’s a small one. As you’re opening the envelope your palms start to sweat and your stomach begins to do somersaults.
Well, this is exactly what happens to a lot of kids that get denied by the university of their choice. They may believe they have better grades than other students admitted. In the article “Myth and Math of Affirmative Action” by Goodwin Liu, he explains how many students get accepted to into the universities because of their ethnic, racial, religious or any other minority differences in the society they live in.
Even though I disagree with affirmative action I agree with Liu’s opinions on the role that affirmative action takes in the acceptance process of universities. I believe that everyone should be accepted into a university based on their good grades and dedication to succeed in life.
“Affirmative Action is widely thought to be unfair because it benefits minority applicants at the expense of more deserved whites” (413 Liu). I agree with Liu on this statement because he is saying that affirmative action only favors minorities; as for whites, they are getting rejected even though they had better grades. It’s true that you can maintain a 4.0 all through high school and still get rejected by a university over someone less qualified because of affirmative action if you are white.
Another reason I agree with Liu’s statements is he claims that, “Giving minority applicants an advantage causes deserving white applicants to lose out” (414 Liu). This reminds me of the time that I was chosen over my friend for a job even though she was more qualified. I was picked because my last name is Gonzalez, which would appear to them that I was Hispanic. My friend’s last name is Smith; it’s only obvious what her origin is. I felt bad that she didn’t get the job because she was white. Getting the job was not fair in my place; she was more qualified and she lost out.
Many white applicants lose out when affirmative action takes place . Liu also claims, “It’s true that black applicants were admitted at much higher rates than white applicants with similar grades and test scores” (416 Liu). I agree with Liu on his statement because people often get judged based on their background and in this case it’s unfortunate that just because you are white you can’t get accepted into a university. It makes you wonder if your grades are ever going to matter when it comes to getting accepted into a university.
So now imagine being a majority in society and as you open your envelope you see in big writing REJECTED. What did I do wrong? you ask yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. The only reason your application was rejected is that you are part of that majority they need to cut out. It has nothing to do with your ability to do well, it is more about how they will make their goal line admitting minorities with lower and less deserved grades and test scores.