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Administrative Responsibility in the Public Sector Environment
Please the only book will be used as a reference is:
Gutmann, A. & Thompson, D. (2006.) Ethics and Politics Cases & Comments (4thed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth.
The questions as follows:
Chapter 4
1. Do the advertisements go too far in manipulating voters?
2. Was Lyndon Johnson the “master manipulator” and was Al Gore morally self-
indulgent? Please discuss.
Chapter 5
1. Compare and contrast the Otepka and Ellsberg cases.
2. Is George Shultz a moral contradiction?
3. Was Agent Rowley disloyal to the government because she was a whistleblower?
4. Should the Columbia mission have benefitted from the Challenger’s failures vis-à-vis
blowing the whistle? Please explain.
Chapter 6
1. What are the weaknesses and strengths in policy analysis? Please use the readings to support your response.
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