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Address two questions that science fiction often raises: 1) Is the featured science or technology viable (in the present or the future)? 2) What are the ethical considerations surrounding the featured science or technology (stated and unstated within the text)?
Our interested science fiction here is the film “Her” (2013), directed by Spike Jonze. In order to investigate the viability of the science or technology, please do some research and engage debates surrounding it. For example, in the film “Her,” are these artificial intelligence systems possible? What are the current forms of artificial intelligence? how would it be possible scientifically? USE RESEARCH AND AUTHORITIES to support your assertions. Do you agree with the film’s ethical message? Do you have a different take on ethical concerns of the science or technology? Are there concerns the film fails to address?
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What Awaits you:,Evaluating the science and ethics of the film “Her”