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Address the following three questions in whatever order you feel that you can make the most value-added contributions to the discussion board.
Is the concept of “founding nations” really compatible with the concept of “multiculturalism”? They are both formative ideas in Canadian political life, but don’t they really say different things that may not work together? Or is there some way that they have and continue to work together? Does one of these two concepts have more political meaning or currency in contemporary Canada?
What would be some examples of where “individual rights” as embodied in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms could come into conflict with Canadian historical interpretations of “collective rights”? There are many such examples ranging from language issues to aboriginal issues to environmental issues. In the cases that you identify, what in your opinion should win-out and why?
Throughout much of the country’s history, “staples” have had a significant influence on the development of Canada’s economic and related political systems (i.e. political economy). Is this a problem for Canada or a benefit? A familiar and straightforward way to prosper, or a cause for major political initiatives for economic diversification on the contemporary scene?
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 ,The Formative Ideas of Canadian Confederation