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AAA 207C
Spring 2016
Essay #1 Length: 1,200-1300 words
You need to have a clearly defined thesis, which contains an argument or claim developed in response to the selected topic. Use clearly identified evidence (from the reading or the film) to support your argument.
Choose one of the following topics and write an essay in response to it. You need not respond to all the issues or questions raised within a topic; depth is more important than breadth of coverage. Your works cited page or bibliography must follow the MLA or APA styles. Number your pages and indicate word count at the end of the essay but before the bibliography.
1. Write an essay critically examining the pros and cons of globalization. Your essay must take into account some of the following ideas: ethical and human concerns (Sen), the question of inequity, the axial division of labor/unequal exchange (Wallerstein), globalization=Westernization, globalization=liberty (Micklethwait and Wooldridge), globalization=neoliberalism (Harvey), or the antithetical relationship between jihad (nationalism) and globalization (Barber). ? Use 1 to 2 essays that we have read so far to illustrate your argument; you may use one brief example from your personal life to illustrate a central
point or claim.
2. In his essay, �How to Judge Globalism,� Amartya Sen remarks, �The principal challenge [of globalization] relates to inequity�international as well as intranational.� Write an essay exploring the relationship between globalization and inequity. Does globalization lend itself inherently to inequity? What does he mean by intranational inequities? Give an example or two (from the USA) and explain how globalization may contribute to poverty in America? Finally, propose a tentative solution to this problem of inequity in the world today.
3. In �Jihad vs. McWorld,� Benjamin Barber focuses on two competing forces operating in the world today: nationalism and globalization. Write an essay relating Barber�s main concerns to the film Timbuktu (2014) by the African filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako. Take into account the film�s representations of globalization (such as a cow named GPS, soccer, blue jeans, cell phones, Toyota trucks, etc.,), and its contradictory relationship with Jihad characterized by the arrival of fundamentalist Islam that, on one hand, opposes Western symbols as well as indigenous practices like the Santeria priestess, but, on the other hand, feel pulled into its vortex.
NOTE: Please do not summarize plot details from the film; you must assume
that the reader has seen the film already. ? The film is available on Amazon.com
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