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(a) The ABC Ltd computer sales company under part 1, question 1 (ii), wishes to upgrade its old PCs including its applications software. As a junior consultant, you have been asked to write a short report recommending up-to-date PCs. Your report should include the main hardware specifications, the factors contributing to the speed & power and their suitability. Your report should also include computer software and other hardware components that you would consider to be essential for your recommended new system. (You may need to consult computer supplies catalogues /computer magazines /the Internet for this question.) (10 marks)
(b) In your opinion, what type of information should the company has available, over its Internet, Intranet, and it’s Extranet? Explain. (5 marks) (c) Discuss any data security, consideration for data protection Acts and the software licensing issues that would be relevant to the company’s activities. (10 marks)
(d) If the company decides to move towards using cloud computing for its software applications and storage of data, what are the security issues and how would you combat them? Explain. (5 marks)
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