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A Social Butterfly is used to describe someone that is popular. Often times those peoples
are friendly. It is not always used to describe popularity alone; it could also be describing
someone who is friendly to strangers. Social Butterfly is a person who’s good in socializing with
others. “The big message is that your brain is reflecting your current social environment, and
your social skills. Our brain is flexible and reflexing all of these behaviours”(Maryana Noonan
2013). Being a Social Butterfly makes you a better person. You have the confidence to interact
with others. Social butterfly is someone who is very social and easy going. And to be a good
sociable person, you should start developing your social skills. Socialization is act accordance to
the feedback and reactions they get from others. We learn who we are by family, friends and
people around us. (Sawyer 2005)
Start developing your social skills
These are some of the good skills that make you a better social person such as, making
your personality shine through. You should have sel…
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