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A Religiosity and substance use.
1. Start with evidence of religiosity decreasing and increasing smoking, cannabis and alcohol use – with both adolescents and adults
2. Then evidence for aspects of religiosity – Abstinence, commitment, private practice, attendance – research using multidimensional measure of religiousness and spirtuality
B Self –control and substance use
1. Brief Definition of self –control
2. Evidence of self-control (UPPS-P) and substance use – smoking, cannabis use and alcohol. Both for increased self –control related to lowered and increased substance use
C Religiosity, self –control and substance use.
1. Evidence for self –control mediating relationship between self –control and substance use
2. Link theories or models.
D) A comparison between the UK and Mauritius
1. Most research is western
2. Prevalence rates of substance use in UK and Mauritius
3. How this helps towards field of clinical psychology
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 ,”Religiosity, self -control and substance cross culture”