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Wars are never won. Unlike a game, the cost associated with a war ensures that there is never really a winner. If you could ask the dead, I doubt they would answer that their lives were worth the price of victory. Such is the case with the so called “War on Drugs.” Movies and folklore have glamorized war as something noble. They suggest that a cause worth fighting for is worth the ultimate sacrifice. It is true that there are times throughout our history that mankind, with his back against the wall, has had to risk all for the greater good. Unfortunately, lost in this desperation, we often look towards inspiration instead of solution. We look for a rally cry that we can all get behind instead of searching for answers. Politicians have used this mob mentality to further their own agendas as well. After all, America is a proud nation. It is one that raises its head high and exclaims that it has never been beaten. If it is too proud to admit defeat, then perhaps it is time for a new type of soldier—a soldier that truly understands the battle at hand.
A New Soldier
If we are …