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A Kingdom Strange Writing Assignment
After reading the book A Kingdom Strange, students will analyze important themes addressed in the manuscript. To assess student comprehension of these themes, students will complete a 3-5 page paper which must address at least TWO(2) of the following prompt questions (but feel free to address as many as you like):
 What were the major motivations that drove Sir Walter Ralegh to colonize North America? Conversely, what motivated the colonists to give up their lives in England and travel to Virginia, knowing that there was a chance that they would never see England again?
 Throughout the time period discussed within the book, England was at war with Spain. What role did this conflict play during the establishment of the Roanoke colony? In what ways did it affect the eventual fate of the colony?
 How did the English settlers deal with Native Americans? Were relations friendly, hostile, or both? How did these relations impact the survival of the colonists?
 The book also details a lot of the personal relationships of high ranking and noble English citizens. How were these relationships instrumental in establishing a colony in Virginia? In what ways did these relationships potentially harm the status of the colony as well?
In addressing these questions, students must use at least FIVE (5) specific examples from the book. When using these examples students must also insert citations, either in footnotes or endnotes. The citations are to be formatted in accordance with Chicago Manual of Style (see handout).
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