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a. Explain in the background the problem of bacterial resistance especially in Saudi Arabia and that lead to a lack of the presence of antibiotics that fight infectious diseases.
b. put some statistics about the number of mortality cases that died as a result of non-availability of appropriate antibiotic.
c. Explain the importance of the discovery of new antibiotics from plants to overcome the bacterial resistance’s problem.
3. Mention the aims and objectives: Our aim is to develop novel and potent antimicrobial
In addition, the university ask to answer these questions and put the answer in the proposal:
a. What are the parameters? Explain why have chosen them?
i. Clear and defined research question (s).
b. Your question needs to be answerable within a set timeframe
i. A description of your theoretical framework and methodological approach.
c. Why is this best suited to your topic?
d. What are the theoretical and research issues related to your research question? What sources / data will you use?
e. What are the activities necessary for the completion of your project?
f. Will you need to collaborate with other researchers or organisations? May be I need that
g. Are there ethical considerations that need to be considered? May be I need that for collection the materials
h. How realistic is your project in practical terms?
i. A brief analytic discussion of the scholarly research to date on your topic.
i. What is the current state of your field? Currently, I am studying master degree and I will finish by September.
j. Acknowledge the main contributors in this field
k. In what ways will your research create valuable and useful knowledge? A brief statement on your particular qualifications.
l. Have your previous degrees given you the necessary knowledge of the field, discipline, and methodologies you require?
m. What research training will you need to undertake?
n. Do you hope to publish your research, if so where? Yes.
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